WordPress statistics plugin

Every blogger or website owner should check their stats regularly to measure the progress (or lack thereof) of their site – things like:

  • traffic
  • subscribers
  • revenue from ads and affiliates

The key, as with so many other things in life, is not to overdo it. Every minute you spend checking your stats is a minute you could have spent crafting that latest post or networking with other sites via commenting, social bookmarking, or whatever other means you choose to build your traffic.

I know I’m as guilty as anyone when it comes to this, which is why I was thrilled the other day to come across a plugin that automates the process for you and brings your stats right into the WordPress dashboard.

WordPress Reports plugin

WordPress Reports currently integrates with FeedBurner and Google Analytics, two of the most commonly used packages for tracking web stats, although the author says he may consider adding support for others in the future. Note that you configure each service independently in the plugin, so can choose to use only one if you wish. It’s probably obvious, but I’ll say it anyway: you need to sign up to each service that you want to use. Here’s a screenshot of the kind of reports the plugin produces (and no, those aren’t my stats :-) ):

WordPress reports plugin screenshot

Configuration settings

Unfortunately there is no option to change the 7-day range of the reports, but I guess if you want to do more in-depth analysis you can login to Analytics or FeedBurner directly. It does however have options for the kind of reports you’d like displayed from Analytics. You can choose any or all of:

  • Daily Visits
  • Daily Pageviews
  • Average pageviews per visit
  • Inbound sources
  • Rising sources
  • Outbound links
  • Popular content
  • Rising content
  • Falling content
  • Entry pages
  • New and returning visitors

Each of these will produce its own graph, so it can be a little slow to load with them all enabled.

With FeedBurner, you have the option of displaying more than one feed if you wish, so for example you could view subscriptions to your comments next to your main content subscriptions if you wish.

The plugin also has a couple of extra features which I’m not currently using – it can manage your Analytics tracking code for you so you don’t need to modify your template or use a different plugin, and also has a widget for displaying your most popular content.

More plugins

One of the things I love about WordPress is the availability of loads of really great plugins which extend the core functionality in all kinds of directions. Dale over at A Few Good Pens has recently published a list of some excellent ones, one or two of which I’d never come across.

The worst bit about having all these plugins is having to choose which ones to use; if you use too many it can have a negative impact on your page-load times. And I’ve also heard of cases where different ones interfere with each other, although thankfully I’ve never had that happen to me so far.

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16 Responses to “WordPress statistics plugin”

  1. Gravatar of Dale 1 Dale


    Thanks so much for the mention and the link, you know I appreciate it!

    The more WordPress plugins I look at and learn about, the more fascinated I am by the capabilities they provide. Seems like every time I even think of something I want my blog to do, I find that someone has already written a plugin to do it….



  2. Gravatar of Paul 2 Paul

    What a great find. I will be the first to install. You should add a donate button I would happily subscribe for such advice

  3. Gravatar of Rodney Smith 3 Rodney Smith

    Thanks Paul – it is a very nice plugin. If you’re serious about making a donation, I’m sure a few dollars to the plugin author wouldn’t go amiss.

  4. Gravatar of Nick 4 Nick

    checking statistics on a regular basis is very important. Bloggers should be able to keep up with the updates in their traffic so that they can adjust their strategy. I really like this pluggin.

  5. Gravatar of Schan Ezan 5 Schan Ezan

    What a good feature. Unfortunately, I’m not using WordPress, but instead a blogger platform. To me WordPress seems like a great blogging platform, but I found it takes more time to load compared to blogger. How nice if we can have these kind of features in blogger too.

  6. Gravatar of Rodney Smith 6 Rodney Smith

    Schan: I’m not that familiar with Blogger – does it have a plugin architecture too? The benefit of WordPress is there’s a self-hosted version which opens up all these opportunities for customisation.

    I would have thought page load times are more down to individual sites than the platform though?

  7. Gravatar of Schan Ezan 7 Schan Ezan

    Hi Rodney,

    I think you are right. Sometimes I feel the loading is only slow for “my” wordpress blog, where some other wordpress blogs do not seem taking too much time.

    And for blogger, I don’t think it has a plugin architecture. There are only widgets for us to choose.

  8. Gravatar of SEO and Traffic Guide 8 SEO and Traffic Guide

    Great post! i especially found it useful where you started. Thanks a lot!

  9. Gravatar of Juanman 9 Juanman

    I have quite a few blogs, and it is a nightmare keeping track of performance so a thousand thank yous for a great plug in.

  10. Gravatar of Football Blog 10 Football Blog

    Was looking for stats plugins that really work so will give this a whirl and let you know how it goes!

  11. Gravatar of Writing Safaris 11 Writing Safaris

    Personally I use the WordPress.com stats plugin – this gives you the same statistics in a wordpress.org site as in a wordpress.com one. You get a nice overview of what’s going on without being overwhelmed with information. And, of course if you want more info, Google Analytics can give it to you. I tend to use both.

  12. Gravatar of link building 12 link building

    As Writing Safaris I too use the WordPress.com stats plug-in for just a daily overview of the whole site. Kind of like a summary without very much detail. It does work really well.

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