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Don’t forget to Nofollow your PerformancingAds

Just time for a quick tip today. If you’re using PerformancingAds, it’s essential that you remember to tick the No Follow checkbox in your region settings:

check the PerformancingAds nofollow region setting

It’s not ticked by default, so it’s up to you to do it for each of your regions. Why?
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Does Google penalize paid links?

There’s recently been a small debate about Google’s stance on paid links in the comments section of one of my posts, and whether or not you run the risk of being penalized if you buy or sell links. Mitch helpfully pointed us to an article by Matt Cutts on the subject. In case you don’t know, Matt is a Google policy maker who had a big hand in drafting the original quality guidelines.

I spent an enjoyable afternoon reading that and a few other related articles (and their comments) on Matt’s site and the official Google guidelines to try and clarify exactly what Google’s position is. Needless to say some of the comment exchanges are fairly heated, with a lot of emotion on both sides. This is my understanding of the issues:
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