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Strategic commenting

Blogging is at least as much about building your network of relationships as it is about producing great content. Of course quality content is a necessity – without it no amount of marketing will get you very far. But it’s not sufficient by itself, not when there are literally hundreds or thousands of other blogs competing for the same audience as you.

blog commenting strategy
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Now, one of the most common techniques for gaining exposure and building traffic is commenting on other blogs. Nothing new there – you’ve probably heard the same advice plenty of times already. But today I’d like to examine this in a little more detail, to maximise the benefits to you and your blog.

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Collect traffic and backlinks by participating in Blog Carnivals

Participating in Bog Carnivals is a great way to increase your exposure in the blogoshpere. The main benefits you get are:

  • a few more backlinks to your site for free (proper follow links too, not the less useful nofollow variety)
  • referral traffic from the carnival itself
  • networking opportunities with other proactive bloggers

If you’re a blogger keen to develop your readership, those are all essential things you should be aiming to do at every opportunity! They all directly and indirectly lead to increased traffic to your site (more on that later).
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