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Managing images with the WordPress media manager

I’ve recently outlined my strategy for including images in posts, namely:

  1. Find an image you’d like to use
  2. Resize it with GIMP
  3. Upload it to my web server via FilleZilla
  4. Include it in a post

Well, guess what? WordPress has a built-in mechanism to streamline this process via its Media Manager. It automatically resizes the image, uploads it to your site, and can even embed it within your post if you wish! As a matter of fact, it can also manage your audio, video and other media files for you too, but that’s beyond the scope of this post.
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How to resize images using GIMP

As I mentioned previously, a few well-chosen images can really help to give your blog a visual lift. One problem that you may have come across though is that often image files can be quite substantial in terms of size. So today I want to show you how to resize them using GIMP, a popular open-source image editor.

Image courtesy of cpt.spock
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