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Dofollow Search Tool is online

Since I talked about dofollow commenting the other day, I’ve been involved in a few comment exchanges about the benefits of installing the Dofollow and Top Commenter plugins. The benefits for commenters are fairly obvious – you’re rewarded for your comments with free backlinks. The benefits for the host blog are perhaps not as obvious, but I’ve definitely seen an increase in the number of comments on this blog since installing both these plugins a few weeks ago, and have hooked up with a few new blogs (new to me, that is) as a result. I imagine it’s the same for others.

Finding dofollow blogs

That’s all very well, but as a commenter, how do you identify these blogs amongst the vast ocean of nofollow ones? I’ve heard of a few methods, for example doing a Google image search for the you comment, I follow graphic which some sites display. There are also several sites that publish lists of blogs using these plugins – see Yan, Peter and Simon‘s for example. These are pretty hot posts with lots of interaction – precisely because they’re providing some very useful information – they may be all you need to comment effectively, but for me there is one missing ingredient – the ability to search for specific topics and information in the lists.
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Strategic commenting, part 2

A couple of weeks ago I outlined my strategy for strategic commenting – go ahead and read it if you haven’t already – the key for me is building relationships with other bloggers. Taking over the world one blog at a time, if you want.

But with any strategy, even a good one, there’s normally room for improvement, so while last time I spoke about my philosophy of commenting, today I’d like to mention a couple of tactical tips you can apply to maximise the benefits of your comments to your blog’s authority and traffic. They’re actually closely related – I’ll give you a little hint: neither involves nofollow links…
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All backlinks are created equal…not!

Links back to your site (or backlinks as they are commonly called) are a critical determining factor for the amount of traffic you will receive. But not all links carry the same weight – some are definitely more valuable, and thus more desirable than others. As is often the case, the most valuable links are also often the most difficult to procure…but that doesn’t mean the lesser types do not have their part to play.
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Collect traffic and backlinks by participating in Blog Carnivals

Participating in Bog Carnivals is a great way to increase your exposure in the blogoshpere. The main benefits you get are:

  • a few more backlinks to your site for free (proper follow links too, not the less useful nofollow variety)
  • referral traffic from the carnival itself
  • networking opportunities with other proactive bloggers

If you’re a blogger keen to develop your readership, those are all essential things you should be aiming to do at every opportunity! They all directly and indirectly lead to increased traffic to your site (more on that later).
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