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Easiest way to manage broken links

Despite all best intentions, broken links are a fact of life on any website that’s been going for longer than a few months. Even if you rigorously follow the advice I gave a few days ago about redirecting urls, you can only control your own urls this way. But what about all those external pages you point to in your posts? If one of those sites closes down, or is less conscientious about maintaining the integrity of their site, broken links appear on your site!

Now, there is no shortage of link checkers on the internet, but for all you WordPress-ers, there’s an easier way – the broken link checker plugin. I recently installed and ran it on one of the sites I look after, and it came up with a list of more than 20 broken links – I had no idea!

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The 2 best ways to Redirect a URL

Image courtesy of Darwin Bell
It’s happened to us all. One day you’re merrily surfing along, you click a link, and Bam, you get a page not found error. Why, what happened? Well, chances are the link you followed used to resolve to a legitimate page, but the page has now been taken down or moved to a new location. Couldn’t it have left a forwarding address? Well actually, yes it could (and should) have.

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