How much is your blog worth?

What’s your blog or website worth? The short answer is: it depends who you ask. And of course, no matter what anyone says, it’s only really worth what someone is prepared to pay for it. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting question in these days of the Credit Crunch.

Believe it or not, there are plenty of blog value calculators out there, offering to give you the crucial figure. So, just for fun, I plugged in my url to see what they have to say about the old hippo:

Hippo Web Solutions valuations

Source Valuation $15,242.58 $4,242 $10,349.94

Hmm, some interesting numbers there, quite a wide variation, but at least they’re more or less all the same order of magnitude. I should probably disclose that I discounted one that valued it at just $103 though! Interestingly it valued several other sites I plugged in at exactly the same value, so I guess it isn’t working properly.

Now, obviously this isn’t anything to get too excited about; after all if you really are planning on selling your blog, any potential buyer is going to want a bit more to go on, I’m sure! Still, it’s a bit of fun.

Share your own numbers in the comments below…if you dare!

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54 Responses to “How much is your blog worth?”

  1. Gravatar of Dover 1 Dover

    These kinds of sites can be cool, but I usually treat them with more than a couple grains of salt, because as you said, most buyers aren’t going to accept these figures at face value.

    One of My Blogs:

    business-opps: $3,387
    CWire: $861
    CubeStat: $2,441
    DnsScoop: $1,272

  2. Gravatar of Mikael 2 Mikael

    I’ve played with these calculators before and I find that they’ll either give you some ridiculously low figures or some astronomically high ones and as you say the real price is what someone is willing to pay.

    What I think that we should learn from these calculators is that they are excellent linkbaits and even though the idea is quite old they still manage to attract links. That that is the REAL value of the idea :)

  3. Gravatar of James @ women fashion dresses 3 James @ women fashion dresses

    Hi, I liked the calculator tools. I think the value of a blog is more about the monthly earning of it. Calculate the value by the monthly profit is more accurate.

  4. Gravatar of Ari Lestariono 4 Ari Lestariono

    Interesting topic to see and know your valued site as to differentiate, what puzzles me how come it’s different than other service.If my luck were on and good price value I will sold my blog then ….lol

  5. Gravatar of Rodney Smith 5 Rodney Smith

    Yes, I agree. There’s actually a good discussion of this in Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett’s Problogger book.

  6. Gravatar of Geoserv 6 Geoserv

    I have used a couple of these calculators, they are fun at the very least.

  7. Gravatar of Ari Lestariono 7 Ari Lestariono

    We do hope all these parameters can be for real negotiations parameters.Cross your finger…lol

  8. Gravatar of Sire 8 Sire

    I tried those links and I got these results;
    Any takers????
    The first one I believe to be Technorati driven. The other 2 got my PR wrong, but when it all comes right down to it, like you said, it’s only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

  9. Gravatar of salon equipment wholesale 9 salon equipment wholesale

    I agree with you James. And I think that monthly profit is more accurate.This calculators are not always precise and you have right on that Mikael.

  10. Gravatar of Ari Lestariono 10 Ari Lestariono

    @Sire, if you were given choice, which one will you choose??…lol

  11. Gravatar of Sire 11 Sire

    @ Ari, Now let me see, I reckon the first one :)

  12. Gravatar of Ari Lestariono 12 Ari Lestariono

    @Sire, hahah me too.Let see what the potential buyers have to say

  13. Gravatar of Caleb 13 Caleb

    Mines are:


    Hmmm…I think I’ll go with the first number since it uses Technorati and of course because of the obvious L.O.L.

    Although, the last source has a pretty good stats read out.

  14. Gravatar of Atniz 14 Atniz

    It can be used as guidance only.

    My blog’s value is at $22,834.40

  15. Gravatar of Redner 15 Redner

    This tools could be helpful to analyze it. But the real value of a site/blog is not necessary given by how much money you make. Many good blogs are not made for money, but for information and communication. These tools can’t count these.

  16. Gravatar of Rodney Smith 16 Rodney Smith

    Good point. Perhaps it’s helpful to differentiate between the value to a site’s readers, and the value to its owner. Obviously the first category has nothing to do with money, but along with how it makes you feel, and how it enhances your reputation, monetary value is a pretty important indicator to many blog owners.

  17. Gravatar of salon equipment wholesale 17 salon equipment wholesale

    @Rodney Smith I agree with you.Some stuff you can’t buy with money.

  18. Gravatar of Busby SEO 18 Busby SEO

    my PR4 domain are only $111. :(

  19. Gravatar of Darryl | Angela 19 Darryl | Angela

    Ah. But I don’t yet dare. :) Those numbers are interesting though.

  20. Gravatar of Martin 20 Martin

    Interestingly enough, I ran the same blog twice at the business-opportunities site, and got $12,450 the first time, and got 9,597 the second time. I first thought they were simply using the technorati stats and purely basing off that, but now I think they might just be throwing numbers around. =)

    There’s also various other components to a blog that are valuable that they don’t seem to weigh in very much on. For instance a very popular domain can often be worth far more than the blog itself, and I don’t see them calculating that properly. I guess if anybody in fact is interested in selling their blog anytime, I certainly would not rely on these sites. The final one (cubestat) did seem to do the most thorough analysis though, although I still don’t agree with their number.

  21. Gravatar of Rodney Smith 21 Rodney Smith

    Martin: you’re quite right – I don’t think these valuations are at all scientific, and certainly do not take account of all the variables that affect a blog’s value. It’s just a bit of fun really. I hadn’t noticed that about the b-o site though – I’ll have to have a look at that…

  22. Gravatar of Riverside Pontiac 22 Riverside Pontiac

    I dont know if i would want to know how popular i am in the eyes of other people. Im afraid that if the result is not what i want it to be it will devastate me. I think id rather be ignorant, unknowing ignorant people seem to be the happiest because to me knowledge is not power, its pain.

  23. Gravatar of Sara-Beck Cronny 23 Sara-Beck Cronny

    Add me to the list of those who have experienced some wildly divergent results using those tools.

    They might be fun, but they’re all but meaningless when push comes to shove. The methodology underlying most of these things is way too simplistic and not necessarily grounded in reality.

  24. Gravatar of Ben | Ventrilo Servers 24 Ben | Ventrilo Servers

    I got some interesting values some even gave the daily ad revenue but really I didn’t earn that much with the ads, anyway it’s fun to see those figures. :)

  25. Gravatar of The Outsourcing Company 25 The Outsourcing Company

    Pretty cool tool! I can see that it’s going to become quite popular through word of mouth and blogging.

  26. Gravatar of Blogueiro 26 Blogueiro


    My opinion is the same as others.
    The value of a blog is how much we earn every month and not some technorati tool.

    Just calculate the monthly average multiplied by 12 months, and then you could see how much its worth.

    Thats my opinion, do.

  27. Gravatar of Tina | Foreclosure Listings 27 Tina | Foreclosure Listings

    This blog calculator sites are amazingly funny and annoying at the same time. I have a blog that have 5000+ backlinks and with PR3 it only cost around $500, but my other blog (PR1) who have only about 200 backlinks was computed around $2000 worth. Is there really buyer for blogs?

  28. Gravatar of Rodney Smith 28 Rodney Smith

    Blogueiro: I agree in principle about using a multiple of earnings; I guess the main point of debate would be how many months’ earnings to use.

  29. Gravatar of Rodney Smith 29 Rodney Smith

    Tina: Indeed there are. Although I’ve got no experience with buying and selling blogs, I know there are marketplaces which bring buyers and sellers together, for example

    The Problogger book has a chapter all about the topic, or search online for more info.

  30. Gravatar of insideWebmaster 30 insideWebmaster

    oooo – business-opportunities gave me a value of $12,419.88. Somebody want my website for $12,419.88. Seriously, it’s yours. That’s the issue with blog calculators, I laugh when people actually think they can give a realistic valuation.

  31. Gravatar of insideWebmaster 31 insideWebmaster

    hah! I just found one that valued me at $16332.27… I really think I need to cash in on this! lol

  32. Gravatar of cheap calling cards 32 cheap calling cards

    huh my blog value is $14,450
    I don’t think it worth that value.
    any buyer? :P

  33. Gravatar of Swarovski Crystals 33 Swarovski Crystals

    Any blog buyers out there? :) well, I haven’t really thought of calculating how much my blog is worth. But, do you think it will actually help a blog sell if I post the value given by blog value calculators on my actual blog pages? Unless of course if your value turns out to be peanuts (or not??). I think the value of one’s blog will be determined by the relevance of your blog’s contents with that of the buyer’s interest…

  34. Gravatar of Rodney Smith 34 Rodney Smith

    Crystals: no, I don’t think it’ll help at all :-) Potential buyers are far more likely to be impressed by consistent revenue, targetted content, a vibrant community, etc.

  35. Gravatar of pet snakes 35 pet snakes

    Mine is apparently worth $95.00 which is about 1/2 a month worth of my adsense earnings on it. That’s according to “website value calculator”. “Business Opportunities Weblog” says it is worth 0.00. Me thinks something is wrong with these calculators

  36. Gravatar of Rodney Smith 36 Rodney Smith

    Snakes: I think most of us would like to have your problem – of being undervalued by the calculators. It seems like most I’ve seen have been wildly over-valued, with no reference to earning potential at all. As several others have noted, a track record of earnings is probably the best way of valuing a site. Keep it up!

  37. Gravatar of Best Deals Online 37 Best Deals Online

    No offense here, but the one that valued it at $103 is probably one of the most accurate tools out there – there is no wayy blogs like this are worth 15k.
    Anyway, it’s all what the buyer sees in the site (i.e. slyvisions sold for $9,000 but TheUniversityKid couldn’t even sell for that)

  38. Gravatar of Make Money From Home 38 Make Money From Home

    Yeah those things are more for show than for go. Especially in today’s economy, it’d be very tough to get over 10k for those blogs. Try to sell them and see what kind of offers you get…


  39. Gravatar of Ari Lestariono 39 Ari Lestariono

    What matters what can we offer the blog to become most valued teassure to readers, informative, educational and lots of free stuff that can be used in realisations, getting that point will definitely have additional value.

  40. Gravatar of olivia 40 olivia

    Try this one!There are more details but do not ficus on blogs

    - olivia

  41. Gravatar of Underarm Sweating 41 Underarm Sweating

    Yes indeed, these calculators are very silly and very funny,
    I am just guessing who would buy blog in times like these?
    People are looking for safety now, not the business opportunity, but if you are really smart enough (smarter than smartest ones) is NOW the right time for buying blogs, webpages…
    Off course with additional discount..
    Because people need safety now…

    And I need opportunity!

  42. Gravatar of Rodney Smith 42 Rodney Smith

    Underarms: well, as I may have mentioned, I don’t have much experience buying and selling blogs – I prefer to start them from scratch. I’m sure you’re right about people looking for safety at the moment, but then again, many may be looking for a secondary income in case of losing their day job, so it depends how you look at it.

    Times are tough, but upheaval such as we’re seeing these days also creates opportunities!

  43. Gravatar of Bidet 43 Bidet

    Those are some pretty good stats, but I wonder if you could actually sell your blog for that much, I know dn scoop is a place for selling sites so I think their value calculator is the most accurate one.

  44. Gravatar of Seth 44 Seth

    Underarm Sweating: My guess is that if you’ve got the cash then now is the time to be spending it. Buy low sell high etc. Economies will always be cyclical, so when things pick up again the smart and rich will no doubt appreciate the purchases they made during the buyers market that we now live in.

    Regarding blog value then I’m rated at $254 by DNScoop. Woohoo! I’m going to try and get this up to $1000 by the end of the year. Time will tell.

  45. Gravatar of Simon 45 Simon

    Interesting, my Toon Food restaurant review blog is worth nothing to $75 depending on who you speak to. Well it looks like I’m going to be doing KFC reviews for a while!

  46. Gravatar of Thermal Labels 46 Thermal Labels

    I think the most important thing to consider is what someone is willing to pay for your site. That amount is based on how much money the site can draw for them. If many people click on your ads, it will be more attractive to potential buyers.

  47. Gravatar of Dieta 47 Dieta

    It can be very useful in setting the minimal price you’re willing to sell the blog for. Without it you’re just going bling – you’ll either demand too much and noone will be interested or too little and you’ll lose money. Either way it’s good to know at least estimated value.

  48. Gravatar of Wii Gamer 48 Wii Gamer

    Hmm, unfortunately mine is valued at $0 by many. I’m not exactly sure how they get that, since I have a PR2 and get a reasonable amount of advertising revenue each month. I couldn’t sell it for a lot, but it does have some value.

  49. Gravatar of Eric from SEO Web Directories 49 Eric from SEO Web Directories

    Interesting post I must say, I wasn’t aware of such websites before.

    Here are some results: $0.00 Did not load $367.92 $78

    P.S. These results are for my almost 2 years old website which has almost 400 content rich pages and 1000+ backlinks(Although google don’t count them).

    When I checked for a week old blog of mine: $273,750,000.00 (Can you believe this? I can’t. Now who will buy me week old blog with a few post at this price?) :p $78 $0.00

    Guess these sites need to improve their algos which i doubt they have.

  50. Gravatar of Interview Questions 50 Interview Questions

    Great links, I knew cubetstat, but not the other ones, anyway here is another one you guys can use –

    anyway the problem with these tools is, it only looks at traffic, it doesnt take into consideration how the traffic can be monetized, but it is always fun to put a value to your site!

  51. Gravatar of sale house fast 51 sale house fast

    I don`t trust in these tools and many of the buyers when you sell your site / blog preffer a good appraisal tool such as sedo appraisal or godaddy appraisal, because they are paid and so on.

  52. Gravatar of David Allen @ The Computer Help 52 David Allen @ The Computer Help

    It’s very interesting thought. I wonder what factors these calcalator go off, not that it matters as they are giving a wrong figure. I would of thought a blog is worth what it earns in advertising in one year.


    D Allen

  53. Gravatar of Affordable Maternity Clothes 53 Affordable Maternity Clothes

    Can’t imagine this is accurate. It would be good to know how they get their numbers. I don’t think any buyer would take the report at face value. It’s nice to get a rough estimate of how much your blog is worth!

  54. Gravatar of Noclegi Gory Stolowe 54 Noclegi Gory Stolowe

    I think you can only say for sure how much is your blog worth if you want to sell it. Bigger amount of money you”l get, the more worthy your blog becomes – I know that it is too simple, but I think this is the only way you could know that for sure. Is there any better idea of getting fair price?

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