Don’t forget to Nofollow your PerformancingAds

Just time for a quick tip today. If you’re using PerformancingAds, it’s essential that you remember to tick the No Follow checkbox in your region settings:

check the PerformancingAds nofollow region setting

It’s not ticked by default, so it’s up to you to do it for each of your regions. Why?

Why nofollow?

Well, if you don’t, you may find your site is more attractive to advertisers, as they get a bit of link juice from your site in addition to any traffic you send them. That’s not a bad thing, and you’ll probably be able to charge a bit more for your ad space as a result.

But. (and it’s a big but).

Google does not like paid links, and will penalize your site in their rankings if they catch you. So you may well find any short-term financial gains wiped out as your traffic dries up.

So, if you get much traffic from search, remember to tick that box!

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17 Responses to “Don’t forget to Nofollow your PerformancingAds”

  1. Gravatar of Blog for Beginners 1 Blog for Beginners

    All my ads are nofollow unless specifically requested against. I’m still trying to figure out how to combine performancing ads with OIO publishers…

    By the way, if you ever think of using OIO here, help a fellow blogger…use my affiliate link.:)


  2. Gravatar of Rodney Smith 2 Rodney Smith

    Yan: now that you mention it, I have been wondering how OIO stacks up against PA – any chance you’re planning on doing a comparative post at some stage?
    If you convince me, I’ll sign up with your link – deal?

  3. Gravatar of Blog for Beginners 3 Blog for Beginners

    LOL, I’ll probably do so one day but the idea of using OIO is automate the whole process of advertising (ad submission, payment, click tracking, auto-expiry, etc) and cutting the commission out of the middleman.

    I’m not too sure what your success rate is with PA, but I’ve seen others successfully combine the two into one platform. Well, truth is I’m not here to convince you to get one but I guarantee you it’ll the best $37 you’ll ever spent online.

    PS; try it on my site and bypass the payment…see how it works..

  4. Gravatar of Rodney Smith 4 Rodney Smith

    Yes, OIO does look very convenient to use. Do they have a marketplace where your site is exposed to potential advertisers? Apart from making it easier to manage your ads, this in my opinion is the benefit of using a service like this.
    Presumably there’s a way you can book your own affiliate banners too, similar to PA?

  5. Gravatar of Blog for Beginners 5 Blog for Beginners

    Yes, there is a market place once you register with them and adding your own affiliate banner is as simple as pie. It’s much more convenient than you’d have ever imagined.


  6. Gravatar of DStudioBali Busby SEO 6 DStudioBali Busby SEO

    I’ll try PerformancingAds. And if you want me to use your affiliate link, just tell me :D

  7. Gravatar of Norhafidz 7 Norhafidz

    Thanks for the reminder Rodney!
    I just signed up with performing ads and looks like they are not fit with my blog theme. I was thinking of changing my theme after this :)

  8. Gravatar of Phil Taylor 8 Phil Taylor

    Thanks for the tip and reminder Rodney. I had forgotten a link on my home page that was a text link to a satellite system affiliate that I didn’t add the nofollow tag to. Just now went and fixed it – Thanks again. :)

  9. Gravatar of Rodney Smith 9 Rodney Smith

    Busby: I think it’s a pretty good system – still has a few kinks that need to be worked out though. You’re very welcome to use my affiliate link.

  10. Gravatar of Dot Com Dud 10 Dot Com Dud

    I’ve got onr blog on NoFollow and the other isn’t, I’ll see how it pans out. I am thinking of ditching P.Ads though. OIO seems a lot better and doesn’t take 40% of your earnings!

  11. Gravatar of Rodney Smith 11 Rodney Smith

    Dot Com Dud: True, but on the other hand, unlike OIO you don’t have to pay to join PA. I’ve had enough recommendations for OIO that I need to check it out, and also am not all that happy with certain aspects of PA. But I’ve had a few PA bookings, so am not too keen to walk away from it until I get paid.

  12. Gravatar of Dot Com Dud 12 Dot Com Dud

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that, I haven’t reached the payment threshold yet. Guess I am stuck with them until then.

  13. Gravatar of Desk Coder 13 Desk Coder

    I wrote a script to nofollow every link on my site, unless I tag is as follow (a little complicated, but it works). I am juice hound, I like to keep it all to myself :)

  14. Gravatar of Rodney Smith 14 Rodney Smith

    Desk Coder: does it work for hosted links like in the case of PA, or just for links you create directly?

  15. Gravatar of Desk Coder 15 Desk Coder

    @Rodney – All links. It is a little bit of a pain to dofollow links, and it has a few bugs, but hopefully I can figure it out and get it released as a WP plugin.

  16. Gravatar of Atniz 16 Atniz

    I think all the advertisers and networks should know about the google simple rule (any advertising link with dofollow will face penalty). I still don’t know why they have the option of dofollow and nofollow there. It is for advertisement purpose and we are getting paid for it, so they should make it nofollow by default and never give any dofollow option there.

  17. Gravatar of Rodney Smith 17 Rodney Smith

    Atniz: I can see why advertisers would want to get the maximum benefits they can for their advertising spend. But it’s not a sustainable practice because Google could come and remove the very benefit they’re paying for at a moment’s notice.

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